Our last CSR

Cancer hospital charity project

In the year of 2014 Fun & Fitness organized their first ever charity project to bring a smile on the cancer patients in the children’s ward by giving them gift bags. Essential items like story books, toys, clothes, drawing books, crayons, soap, and powdered milk packets were given in each gift bag which was carefully packed by the Fun & Fitness team. 60 gift bags were given in order to celebrate Christmas with a true meaning of sharing and caring together with donations of Fun & Fitness Students, close friends and family. One of the MAS management trainee teams also joined hands and donated Rs.50, 000/- to donate essential medicines to the patients. At the end of the project, the MAS management trainee team decorated the kids pay area with Christmas decorations in order to grow the Christmas spirit in the hearts of the children!

Cancer Hospital charity project

Considering the success of the previous year charity project Fun & Fitness decided to launch the same project in a bigger scale in the year of 2015. The gifts bags contained more things than the previous project. Each gift bag contained items like pampers ,Eau de cologne, sanitary items and essential for mothers in each bag and from the remaining money collected through donations a breakfast meal was given to the entire hospital. Indeed it was a great deed done and most of all it was heartwarming to bring a smile on those children’s faces. It was yet another year of celebrating Christmas with a true meaning for Fun & Fitness!

Elder’s Home charity project

In the year of 2016 Fun & Fitness wanted to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and passing away of Lord Buddha. There were many projects that came into the idea pooling but everyone agreed upon visiting a home for the elder’s and providing the needful things. So the team decided to visit “Meedum Uyana Vadihit Nivasaya” in Meegoda which houses around 14 elders. An afternoon meal was organized for the entire home and the Fun & Fitness team participated in the religious activities with the elders. It was an amazing experience for everyone to get to talk to these elders and share love among them.

Flood Relief project

Sri Lanka faced extreme heavy rainfall in the year of 2016 which resulted in the flooding of many regions in the country. Fun & Fitness team immediately took action on it by collecting essential items like clothes, towels, pampers, sanitary items and dry rations to handover to, one of the Fun & Fitness students who was involved in the flood donation distribution campaign. Furthermore, after seeing an advertisement seeking for help to cook for flood victims, the entire Fun & Fitness team sacrificed their busy schedules and made time to pack 1000 food parcels daily for 4 consecutive days. Fun & Fitness loves to do charity!

“Daya Mina” Annual walk sponsorship

“Daya Mina” is a school for the differently-abled. Every year this school organizes a walk to raise funds for the school needs. In 2016 Fun & Fitness volunteered to be the platinum sponsors for the walk and also to sponsor prizes for the raffle draw by gifting class vouchers from Fun & Fitness for concessionary prizes and a T.V as the second price. All funds were collected through generous donations of Fun & Fitness students as well as the Abs for charity fund raiser. (An abs class done after every class to collect money for charity projects at Fun & Fitness )